Who is this guy?

After being a pastor and a hospital/hospice chaplain for 37 years, I retired in April of 2021. Now what, I asked myself? It is not in me to do nothing. I want to stay active and busy (and out of my wife’s hair!) Many years ago our family had a conversation about how we will remember our parents. My children said that they will remember me as the person who could do anything. 

And this is how Handyman Gabe was born. Being a handy person fits well into my skill set and abilities. Initially I preferred to work alone since I was a little "peopled out." I am back to enjoying being around people.

Being a lifelong member of the Association of certified handyman professionals, I pride myself that I will treat your property like I would treat my own.

This business is fully insured.

DISCLAIMER: Most of our friends will understand why I don't do any outside work between April 15th and November 1st. After two hours in the heat, I got heat exhaustion. So, please save your exterior work for the cooler months. I will be happy to help!!!